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About us

Company Introduction:
   Zibo Ai Ying Xiang Plant Nutrient Solution Co., Ltd. is a professional company working on fertilizer production and sales, which was founded in 2010 at Boshan District of Zibo city, Shangdong province, China. Based on resource sharing principle, it has good relationship with multiple chemical companies and research institutes, such as Chemical Research Institute of Shandong Province, Shandong Guangdao Boron Industry (China partners of Borox), Shandong Dongjia Group (the largest producer of TIO type Titanium Dioxide in Asia), Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd.. (the world's largest aspirin producer, domestic well-known producer of public medicine raw materials and preparations), Zhonghui Group (forerunner of microbial fermentation industry):Affirmation of effects and stability of their own products are determined based on the cognition to breadth of fundamental raw materials in chemical industry.
   Inorganic salt products of the company have technical advantage on products research and production of solid fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers. The solid fertilizers adapted the Japanese ion activation technology, cell protease activation technology in combination with two-way adjustment technology according to different ph in region soil, which make its products fairly edge-cutting with fruit trees, vegetables seedlings and high end flowers. Its liquid fertilizers are involved with both Suspensions and Serum. The Serum used "physical high-speed shear" technology of Suspensions in combination with of chelation technology of compound organics as well as pesticide additive technology, which provide better compatibility and effectiveness. The company is committed to develop more effective and convenient products to serve agricultural industy.

  Technology is the motive power for production, marketing is the motive power for existence, quality is the motive power for life, and idea is the motive power for surpassing.